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Sunday, February 01, 2015
4th Annual Celebration of Life Memorial in Austin
Start Date/Time: Saturday, March 05, 2011
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority

4th Annual Celebration of Life Memorial in Austin

Secret Service Riders of Austin Texas is having their 4th Annual celebration of Life for all our fallen brothers & sisters on two's in 2010 in the Greater Texas region.
All proceeds go to each fallen riders foundation or charity of choice. Need the government name, ride name, fallen date, city, and club of fallen riders. The names I have thus far are:
Mozella "Leggs" Wesley (Dallas)  Humpin People   need fallen date
Bryan "Nico" Embree (Dallas)  I-20 Riders    1/23/10
Wayne "Cowboy" Mitchell (Austin)  Absolute Gearheads   2/8/10
Brian "BG" Green (Houston)  The MOB  5/24/10
Jessica "Baby J" Villarreal  (San Antonio)  Sentinels      7/27/10
"Big Yo" need government name (Houston) Bleed'n 4 Peace    8/3/10
"Pit Bull" need government name (Dallas)  4 Star Playerz    8/17/10
John "Wero" Michael  (San Antonio)  Lonestar Riders       8/29/10
 Need pictures of all the riders for the memory book
Please correct any information I have incorrect, and fill in the missing info.
If there are any names left off the list for the memorial celebrations, please please attach the information and forward back so they are not left out of the memory book, memory towels, the wall of stars, riders proceeds, and the honoring of plaques to the families.
The Memorial is held every year on the first Saturday of March. March 5, 2011 is an all day affair starting with a Celebration safety ride, followed with a Celebration extravaganza of food, music, games, raffles and most importantly the honoring of all the fallen riders. The celebration ends with a party @ Club Illusions were the fallen riders are displayed on the wall of honor. The next morning is completed with a farewell breakfast at the Host Hotel at the Holiday Inn Express.
Ride location starts @ Club Illusion parking lot @ 11:00am KSU @ 11:30am sharp
Picnic @ Southeast Metropolitan Park 1pm-4pm 4511 Hwy 71E, Del Valle, TX 78617
Party location @ Club Illusion 2700 W. Pecan Street, Pflugerville, TX 78660
Host Hotel @ Holiday Inn Express 14620 Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78728 exit 247
Reserve under Secret Service Riders rate @ $80.95 512-251-9110
Celebration of Life is an important event to miss out, so please join in on the festivities. The whole day & night is in remembrance of our friends and loved ones.
Thank you in advance for your support and making the 4th annual Celebration of Life grand.
Queen LV
President of Secret Service Riders
Texas Chapter

Created by Glow Historian On 12/26/2010

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